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Our Research Consultants

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson, SiteCheck Analyst

Director US operations
Greenville, SC
Speciality Fuel/CStore/Grocery

Kim Masoner

Kim Masoner, SiteCheck Analyst

Kansas City, MO
Specialty Field Data


Glen Masoner

Glen Masoner, SiteCheck Analyst

Kansas City, MO
Speciality Fuel/CStore/Grocery

Peter McManus

Peter McMannus, SiteCheck Analyst

Calgary, AB
Specialty Field Data

Christian MaGuire

Christian Pic, SiteCheck Analyst

Halifax, NS
Specialty Fuel/CStore/Grocery

Become a Research Consultant

SiteCheck Analyst

You can become an approved SAM Research Consultant. Once you have undergone the required training and developed a track record with your use of SAM. Site-Check Research will provide a space on our web page to give you the added exposure to attract your own clients. You can specialize or generalize as SAM provides many choices whether you want to concentrate in your geographical area or focus on a specific retail industry.

Find out more about becoming a licensed consultant

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