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Site-Check is a market research company specializing in Retail Gasoline and Convenience Site Selection. Over the previous sixteen years we have offered complete comprehensive outlet and consumer data in addition to turn-key site selection sales projection reporting.

Since the inception of the company we have seen many changes in the gasoline retail industry. The entry of the Hypermarket /Supermarket gasoline marketer has presented new challenges to the site selection process and the marketing arm of the gasoline retailing industry.

What was once a typical retail fuel site, defined by convenient access and strong visibility, must now compete with secondary locations operated by Hypermarkets and Supermarkets — a 2 bay 4 pump full serve retail industry has become diverse with retailers offering expanded Cstores, state of the art car washes, fast food partners and a variety of innovative marketing and cross-merchandising plans with Supermarkets and Hypermarkets primarily leading the way.

As capitalization costs continue to rise and the industry changes, Site-Check's ability to produce reliable forecasts is extremely valuable and quite unique because it has developed a proven decision support tool that meets these new challenges.

FuelFacts/SAM™ has a proven track record that allows you to bring each of your projects from field to boardroom in less time than you think.

We have performed countless sites for supermarkets, national gasoline chains, convenience chains and independents all with the same goal:

Finding the best locations and getting the maximum return for your investment dollar.

With our new leasing option, you can perform your own analysis with our software, or if you prefer outside research service, contact us directly. We offer many research services from single site analysis to a complete market plan.

“Site-Check’s projections for both motor fuels and ancillary sales have been an essential tool in bringing objectivity to our internal site selection process. These projections, coupled with our own due diligence, have assisted us in selecting those locations best suited to our ongoing quest to be the premiere petroleum marketer in the BC market place. In an environment consisting of high development costs and aggressive competition, their thoroughness and comprehensive reporting have allowed us to allocate capital funds in a timely manner with confidence.”

Larry Hardisty- Retired (2008)- Area Development Manager, Chevron Canada Limited, Vancouver, BC

More references available upon request

Learn more about FuelFacts with SAM™ in our streaming video demonstrations:

  • Draw a Project on a Map in a Few Minutes (18MB SWF)
  • Drivetime Zones to Define your Trade Area and Competitors (15MB SWF)
  • Let's Add the Potential New Location (14MB SWF)
  • Let's Project Your Potential Volume (16MB SWF)
  • Let's Pull it all together in a Final Report (12MB SWF)

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