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FuelFacts HEAT

Fuel Facts HEAT

Not knowing where to start looking for new sites or acquisition opportunities?

Site-Check Research Group has just released a new, easy to use mapping program called FuelFacts™ HEAT. From your desktop FuelFacts™ HEATwill

FuelFacts™ HEAT is not just a supply demand model, it is an actual distance decay model revealing outlet saturation and voids in the trade area of your choosing. Within minutes you can zero in on where to focus your attention, whether "New Builds" or "Who to Buy"! 

Not only that, but we have designed FuelFacts™ HEAT to link directly to our more detailed SAM model. With a click of the mouse you can move into SAM mode and drill down on specific sites to satisfy the many nuances of finding a viable site whether Fuel or C-Store.

In addition, FuelFacts™ HEAT has other valuable information. 

Also included with FuelFacts™ HEAT is snapshot pricing by grade, and specific loyalty incentive programs offered by each fuel outlet. As part of the pricing feature FuelFacts Heat has a unique pricing tool that will assign a price category to all the outlets in your project data set. 

FuelFacts screen shot

Maintaining pricing zones has never been easier !

If you require further analysis, perform your own projection using the FuelFacts™ SAM prediction model.

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