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FuelFacts SAM

FuelFacts™ SAM is a comprehensive retail database containing site items on each gasoline or convenience outlet. FuelFacts™ SAM is rich with over 160 outlet details in every Fuel and C-store outlet. It provides many easy to use intuitive applications designed to provide quick and easy answers. FuelFacts™ SAM is the Outlet Data Manager of SAM providing an intuitive and secure platform for keeping large quantities of data relevant and organized. This makes it easy for SAM to perform its function of forecasting sales.

Fuel Facts with SAM

Benefits of Fuel Facts

Each site is geo-referenced with a photo and live map interphase. Each record contains a range of location details in a tab format designed for quick reference and ease of input.

FuelFacts™ SAM contains an array of toolbox options to further analyze your data. Whether Fuel or Convenience outlets, the toolbox will allow you to sort your data and determine the strengths and weakness in your trade area giving you a complete picture of your analysis.

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“For three years Site-Check has projected fuel locations for us and we find this service very valuable. To date, they have forecast multiple fuel sites for seven of our corporate banners and we are very satisfied with the results. We find them to be thorough, knowledgeable, accessible, willing to share insights and adaptable as conditions change.” John Dean, Manager Market Analysis, SuperValu Inc., Minneapolis, MN

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