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Site-Check: past, present and future

Site-Check began in 1993 when Ron Conlin, the founder, realized a need for better research choices in the Retail fuel and Cstore industry. After finishing his studies in finance, he began applying his skills as the retail development manager for a southern Alberta grocery wholesaler. During the next 11 years he developed a variety of programs that included a Cstore/fuel network with a large Canadian oil company. This process included site selection evaluations. In the pioneer years Ron worked with lotus 123, paper maps and raw postal data to perform his site evaluations. He was then approached by the same national oil company to perform site evaluations across Canada. The process progressed within Site-Check, first using DOS and then Windows based gravity models, to perform their site evaluations. Since 1996, Site-Check has been offering services to various oil and grocery companies throughout Canada and the U.S.A. During this time, SAM was developed and tested into what it is today. As we move forward, we have recently expanded into the grocery industry. We realized that the SAM structure and unique but simple approach would adapt well to both of these new industries.

Message from Ron Conlin

Ron ConlinSince the beginning in 1993, my goal has been to combine FuelFacts with a model to provide easy, cost effective and accurate sales projections. It’s been a long and winding road but I’m happy to say that we have produced an excellent product from which retailers, consultants, real estate developers, and financial institutions are able to successfully forecast sales for their projects.

The journey has been great! There are many challenges facing the industry. Some of these include supply, pricing, types of retailers, hypermarkets and supermarkets, types of fuel, and power center destination malls. Amidst these challenges, SAM was developed to provide a user friendly tool to assist retailers, but more importantly it has given the retailer the flexibility to "Know their Options" in an ever changing retail industry. This is key because knowing your options is essential to making sound business decisions for selecting ideal retail locations. I am proud to say that with the development of SAM, Site-Check has been able to adjust to these ever changing challenges.  I look forward to the future as we launch into exciting new industries!!

Ron Conlin
President and Founder

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